Installing a Dishwasher Water FilterHousePure dishwasher filter

Greg explains how to install a dishwasher water filter. These are realistic instructions that the average person can actually do. No steps are skipped, no mysteries left unexplained.

The dishwasher water filter eliminates virutally all of the deposits and minerals in the water that cause spots on the dishes and in the dishwasher. By using a dishwasher water filter, your dishwasher will be cleaner and you can enjoy spotless dishes, even without rinse agent!

The filter installed in this video is the HousePure dishwasher filter, manufactured by Water, Inc. (retail list price under $300). It is specifically designed to handle the hot water supply that feeds a dishwasher. (Most water filters are intended to be on a cold water supply.)

The video covers:

  • where to install the filter,
  • turning the water off,
  • how to hook up lines between the hot water supply and the original copper line feeding the dishwasher,including:
    • Cutting the copper tube (and why)
    • replacing the original compression fitting on the copper tubing.
  • tips to make the available water supply lines fit with your installation.
    • Demonstrated methods are:
    • rotating the angle stop (shut off valve) to provide a shorter supply line run to the filter;
    • and rotating the filter on its mount to reverse the position of the in and out ports.
  • turning the water on
  • checking for leaks
  • cleaning the dishwasher of deposits

TIP: Run your dishwasher when hot water is already available at the kitchen sink. Otherwise it may not draw enough water on its own to pull hot water from the water heater.

This ensures that hot water is supplied to the dishwasher right from the start.

After a few cycles, calcium deposits on the dishwasher should be significantly reduced, and dishes noticeably cleaner than without the filter, even without rinse agent.



Time to complete 1 hour
Materials Dishwasher water filter kit, replacement compression fitting for the original copper tube (if installed)
Tools Channel locks, wrench, drill, screwdriver, copper tube cutter
Skill level Medium