DIY Toilet Projects

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Toilet Review GUide

How to fix a running toilet

Are you a jiggler?
Greg shows how to fix the most common problems causing your toilet to run. Quick and Easy!

Clearing a clogged toilet
using a closet auger

Our Most Popular Video!
See how to clear a toilet clog the right way. The way the professionals do it!.

Improving toilet flush performance

Improve flush performance with household vinegar!


Cleaning and repairing a ballcock Valve

Running toilet? A simple cleaning of the tank's fill valve may be all it takes.


Why NOT to use a plunger on a toilet!

Why Greg doesn't carry a plunger in his plumbing tools. Did you know it can make a clog worse, damage your toilet, and even lead to illness?

Listen in..

Roots in the toilet drain

Roots invade the toilet drain and lead to flooding the entire house. See the diagnosis, repair, and prevention. A two part video.

How to replace and buy a flapper

Greg shows how to remove your current leaky flapper valve and provides tips on buying the proper replacement part.

Also, covered: Common mistakes in installation.

How to find and fix a toilet leak

Greg shows how to diagnose a toilet leaking from the tank into the bowl


How to fix a moaning toilet

ballcock'A malfunctioning ballcock valve can cause a moaning vibration through the entire house. See how to replace this valve easily without getting the floor wet!


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Glossary terms for Toilets

angle stop
ballcock valve
Bowl Fill Tube
Building Sewer
Closet Auger
Flapper valve
Flush Handle
High Efficiencey
P Trap
water closet
Water Pressure Regulator

Frequently UNasked Questions

  • Why does a toilet tank sweat and what can you do about it?
  • Why some toilets don't flush well.
  • Why does a toilet leak or keep running?
  • Why don't you use a plunger to clear a toilet clog?