Frequently UNasked Questions

Here are some questions that most consumers don't ask often enough. I want to keep you well informed about what's best for you and your situation for the long term.

I hope you enjoy them,

Plumbing Service

  • Why you don't always get a licensed plumber when you call one, and why it matters.

  • The Cost of Plumbing Service: Myths, Fears, and Facts

Product Quality and Cost

  • Why some products cost more.

  • Why some cost more and aren't better.

  • Why design matters (or form vs. function).

General Plumbing issues

  • Top 10 Home Plumbing Myths That Cost You Money.

  • Why copper leaks.

  • Why brand names have "those trendy finishes" and cost $19-$900.

  • Why does a noise occur when I use my water?


  • Why some toilets don't flush well.

  • Why does a toilet leak?

  • Why don't you use a plunger to clear a toilet clog?

Septic Systems

  • Septic Tank Maintenance: Why Pump it Out?

Water Heaters

  • Why does a water heater go bad?

  • How can I get more hot water out of my water heater tank?

  • Tell me about tank type water heaters.

  • Why does a problem keep coming back?


  • What is a washerless faucet?

  • What is a ceramic-valve faucet?

Design and Consulting

  • What is plumbing consulting?

  • What is water purification/filtering?

  • What is anti-scald?

Water Conservation

  • How can I save water without any of those "water savers" and not even miss it?

  • How can I reuse my waste water?

Alternate Water Sources