Garbage Disposal Tips


  1. Use at least 10 parts water to 1 part food waste.
  2. Fats, Oils, and Greases are what causes a problem in septic systems and plumbing, not the particulars of any disposal itself. You can us a little Dawn dish soap to help break up these substances so they don't cause problems in your pipes. You can also use ice in the disposal to help keep it clean
  3. If your disposal jams. The Emerson (Insinkerator™ brand) has a de-jam mechanizm that can be used with an allen wrench or the included tool. The Anaheim (Waste King™ brand) does not and may have to be de-jammed with a tool inserted from the top. If the motor cannot be heard humming, but is completely silent when trying to run it, use the overload reset button to reset the disposal. This may be on the bottom or the side of the unit.