Clearing a Clogged Sink Drain with a Shop Vac

Greg shows how to remove a sink stopper and then clear a bathroom sink drain without any chemicals, using a shop vac technique. This also addresses any smelly drain conditions.

The video demonstrates how to prepare the sink stopper so that the clog can be removed, without filling your under-sink cabinet with water. Also, techniques for effectively clearing all the channels in the sink.

In this video I explain how to deal with the most common type of pop-up stopper mechanism (shown here).

But there are so many other styles out there, such as this one, that I could not cover them all in this short video.

If you need advice on dealing with your particular installation, send me a digitial picture and I'll provide you some personal guidance. Send your photo and issue to

Time to complete 15 min
Materials wet/dry shop vac
Skill level easy
Safety Issues
Property damage potential Be sure to follow directions on reassembling the stopper lever to avoid water damage under the sink.