How to replace an angle stop (shut-off valve)

An angle stop is the shut-off valve found under every kitchen and bath sink, toilet, etc. Many commonly installed models are of mediocre quality and do not function well over a long period of time. Replacement to a high quality model ensures that the water to the installation can be completely shut off when required.

In this video, Greg Chick, demonstrates how to remove and replace a single port angle stop with a dual port model, in preparation for the installation of an under-sink filter system. The dual port model allows the sink faucet and water supply to the filter (and associated spigot) to be shut off separately, thereby allowing the servicing of one without disabling the other.


Time to complete 10 min
Materials new angle stop valve,container for water drainage
Tools wrench, pliers or channel locks
Optional tools angle stop tool, flashlight
Skill level easy