How to repair PVC pipe: The four 90's method

Greg demonstrates how to repair a brokenPVC pipe using the four 90's method.

The four 90's method uses four 90° elbows and three small pieces of pipe.

The four 90's method allows for replacing a larger section of pipe than may be accomodated by either a compression or slip fix fitting. It is also a handy technique when those fittings are not available. Since this method uses full strength PVC cement joints, it is strong and can withstand full system pressure. There is, however, some loss of flow due to the extra bends in the pipe, as there are with any corners in a pipe layout.

Time to complete 10 minutes
Materials pipe cutter, four 90° elbows, PVC cement, PVC primer, pipe camphoring tool
Costs minimal
Skill level Medium. Experience with PVC pipe joining is required