Servicing a Jammed Gate Valve

Greg repairs a jammed gate valve on a rural water tank.
Disassembly, lubrication of the valve parts, and reassembly are covered.

The teflon paste used in this video is available for under $20 for an 8oz jar. Slic-Tite has the highest concentration of Teflon particles to provide greater sealing power on all tapered pipe threads including those that are damaged. It can be used on metal, PVC, CPVC and ABS plastic pipe threads. Slic-Tite is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product that washes off easily from hands or clothing.

The tank depicted was mostly empty, but the valve was jammed in the closed position and needed to be repaired to allow for fire protection for the house and property. The amount of water spilled on the ground was only a small fraction of the tank's total capacity. Had the tank been full, the water would have shot up several feet.

Time to complete 1 hour
Materials Teflon paste, Large pipe wrenches
Costs none except supplies and tools
Skill level easy
Property damage potential Applying excessive tourque on the valve body may require stabilizing the surrounding pipe