How to join PVC pipe with Solvent

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For additional information on the products in this video and their use, see the IPS website (makers of Weld-On):

Greg demonstrates how to properly cut and join PVC pipe the right way.

This video focuses on primer and solvent slip joints. That only takes a few seconds, but what is equally important is showing you the common mistakes and why some joints go bad (and can cause a lot of damage in the process). Threaded joints, unions, and other related subjects will be covered in a future production.

Time to complete less than 5 minutes
Materials PVC primer, PVC joining solvent, PVC cutting tool of your choice, tool for preparing the pipe end
Costs minimal
Skill level easy
Safety Issues Primer and solvent are stong chemicals. Do not breath vapors, & wear gloves.
Property damage potential Primer stains very quickly and thoroughly. Avoid use near items that must not be stained.

The YouTube version is on the right.
On the left is an extended version with additional examples of the mistakes to avoid.

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