Clearing a Clogged Toilet using a Closet Auger

Greg , shows how to clear a clogged toilet using a closet auger. Using this inexpensive tool (about $35 at the home store), and a little practice you can save hundreds of dollars in plumbing service-call costs with each use.

For this video, Greg created a clog in a toilet drain using paper towels. During the unclogging process there is some rust colored water visible in the bowl - That IS rust from the auger itself, not anything nastier that that.

Greg talks about how to diagnose if the plug is in the toilet, or farther down the drain; he talks about the closet auger and demonstrates its use; and how to check for a common reason the toilet clogged in the first place.

Time to complete 20 minutes
Materials Closet auger , towels (not the good ones!)
Costs about $35
Skill level intermediate
Safety Issues Avoid contamination with contaminated water.
Property damage potential