Improving Toilet Flush Performance

Water mineral deposits can build up on the inside workings of your toilet. These deposits restrict the free flow of water from the tank and can cause a weak flush. I’m sure you don’t want to be the one contacting Homeclick for a new toilet because of a weak flush, right?

The resolution is to quickly poor about a quart white vinegar down the overflow tube (located in the toilet tank). Let the vinegar work for a minimum of an hour (preferably overnight) before flushing. It may help to first remove the small 1/4 inch bowl fill tube that comes from the ballcock and to the overflow tube, and use a funnel to assist pouring the vinegar into the overflow tube. The vinegar dissolves the calcium (hard water build up) in the flush ring and the siphon jet, allowing the toilet to once again work as designed. Annual treatment could be necessary.

Time to complete 5 minutes, results overnight
Materials 1 gallon of white vinegar (appoximately 1 quart per application)
Tools required Funnel
Costs $3 - Vinegar - available at most grocery stores
Skill level easy
Troubleshooting Depending on the amount of hard water build up, repeated applications may be required.
Safety Issues Avoid splashing vinegar in eyes
Property damage potential Vinegar is acidic and a solvent, be sure to wipe up any spills.
Technique Be sure to pour the vinegar rapidly so that it can penetrate the farthest reaches of the flush ring. The funnel helps in this effort, and allows a more rapid pour than trying to aim the vinegar down the overflow tube without one.