ballcock valveHow to fix a moaning toilet
(ballcock valve replacement)


This video includes a bonus Plumber's Trick to avoid having to sponge out the toilet tank yet still keep the floor dry while replacing the ballcock valve!

A faulty ballcock vale can cause moaning, when the toilet is refilling. They don't last forever, and when they start to fail, they don't seal properly and can set off an internal vibration that resonates through the pipes, which can carry the sound throughout the entire house!

The fix is to simply replace the ballcock valve. These units are readily available in the home center or hardware store, and there will probably be several to choose from.

In this video, Greg provides a recommendation for the type of ballcock valve to purchase, how to adjust it prior to installation, and step-by-step instructions on how to replace it without getting the floor wet.

The specific ballcock valve in the video is a WolverineBrass "HUSH" model, generally only available to or through plumbers. While you may not be able to buy this exact model, similar styles should be available.


Time to complete 10 min
Skill level easy
Tools Channel locks or small wrench
Supplies replacement ballcock valve (available at home center or hardware store)

This video is available in HD.