Water Treatment System Installation

For information on considerations in selecting a water treatment system click here.

The accompanying video demonstrates the installation of a Water, Inc. HousePure™ filter system in a location previously occupied by a whole-house treatment system monthly-service resin tank. This project rates a Medium on my difficulty rating system. It may require some practice or skill to do successfully. May require tools beyond common household tools, but available at most hardware or home center stores

About the selection of this unit

The system had a bypass valve as part of the installation which was retained. A garden valve hose spigot was included in the installation to provide for unfiltered water for outside use (e.g., pool).

This system was chosen because the local city water was hard and a steam room boiler/steam generator was fouling up from those hard water deposits causing rapid replacement of heating elements.

HousePure filterThis unit fit the needs of this homeowner because this HousePure water treatment canister used a cartridge to treat the water so that the water did not foul/harm the steam generator. The location does not have power at the location and there was no drain available. This type of unit does not need power and does not need a place to discharge waste water and does not use salt.  This unit is less expensive to buy and for some applications cheaper to install and operate.

The water from this unit is not treated to make it better to drink, it is for anti-scale. So, it is best for de-scale treatment of water for things like water heaters—either tankless or tank-type, steam rooms, etc. Some water equipment requires this type of treatment if water is hard.

The cost was approximately $500 including the fittings. This model can be purchased at http://www.waterinc.com.

As far as periodic maintenance requirements. The life of the cartridge ranges from two years with low use to as little as six months with high volume users. The cartridge is easly swapped out for replacement. The retail cartridge cost is about $150. The cartridge uses Siliphos, which is an economic and reliable wate treatment system for potable and industrial water. It consists of glass-like polysphosphate silicate spheres.

HousePure spec sheet (pdf) here
Learn more about Siliphos (pdf) here

This is a great choice for descaling pre-treatment of water for heating.  One big plus is that this is a small size unit and power might not be available.  Waste water might not be an option because no drain pipe nearby or salt is not allowed in your area.   This is not an “everything” water treatment, but perfect for such an application.  Water Inc. has something for every need and the important thing is knowing what is needed or wanted and what is possible in your situation.


Every installation is a little different, but this demonstrates some of the typical issues involved. As with any project, the proper tools can make all the difference (some big wrenches in this case).