How to find and fix a toilet leak

Greg shows how to diagnose a toilet leaking from the tank into the bowl. Some people describe this as the tank "flushing itself" - but, it's really not (it's the toilet filling itself over and over).

A tank that is constantly "sweaty" may be one sign of a toilet that is leaking. See my Frequently UNasked Question on that subject and see how this video may hold the solution.

He uses a blue dye to show if the tank really is leaking and a few spots of where the trouble could be and what to do about it.

What to do if you find it is leaking? See this video on replacing the flapper valve and how to buy the correct one!

Time to complete 15 minutes
Materials Toilet leak dye, or food coloring
Costs Free for diagnosis, repair costs depend on the problem identified
Skill level easy
Troubleshooting Depending on the amount of hard water build up, repeated applications may be required.
Safety Issues
Property damage potential Becareful of spashing, the dye stains hands, cloths, walls, etc. that last and last!